HIS BioElements Perfect Shave

Bioelements is a complete system of professional and take-home skin care products.  “Used by leading estheticians in professional facials,” Bioelements professional products are also used in spa treatment rooms.

Bioelements skin care is based on Biotype – a way of differentiating skin types based on the oil production of the skin.  Each skin type is provided targeted skin care products, which can furthermore be Custom Blended by your trained Bioelements esthetician. This addition of laboratory strength cosmeceuticals, aromatherapist oils and organic botanicals is a unique personalization system providing individuals with products tailored for their skin.

The HIS Bioelements line is developed for all Biotypes and includes four products to address the specific shaving and skin care concerns of men. Bioelements products are not tested on animals, are free of artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances and pore-clogging substances.

Bioelements’ Perfect Shave comes in a non-descript white tube with green lettering with beard trimmer 2017. The simple design reminds me of Aromapharmacy’s products. The cream does not need a brush for application. Massaging it in with hands I was treated to a very fresh scent. It had faint hints of mint, citrus, and felt very natural [as opposed to some brands that feel like to are putting a foreign substance on your face]. The cream spread well on my cro-magnon face and shaved off just as easy.

None. Bioelements’ Perfect Shave worked just as I expected it to. The only downside is that Bioelements’ HIS line has a small release and is not the easiest to find.

A nice addition to one’s medicine cabinet. Bioelements’ Perfect Shave [from their HIS line] is a smooth and fresh shaving cream. It came on well and shaved off well.It would be nice if Bioelements’ still offered a shave kit with small bottles of each of their products [they used to, but it was pulled].

Maximum comfort shaving creme

Power-packed with skin saving ingredients that reduce the risk of razor burn and irritation

Leaves skin feeling comfortable and smooth

No artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or animal by-products. Not tested on animals.

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